I'm Fine

I'm fine, an electronic application that is linked to people or higher authorities to communicate when necessary

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Our Mission

Raising awareness and developing thought and introducing the importance of application and thought to the members of the community and also seeking with the authorities to provide all possibilities to serve the idea of the project in order to reach the highest degree of safety and assistance

Our Vision

How are your electronic devisees protecting you without you touch it

Our Purpose

Helping everyone feel safe and save what can be saved from loss and injury during travel or otherwise

- Advantages -

Feeling Safe
A program that all groups of society need. It is important that people feel safe to realize that Yu was to be with Wyeth Watching
Reduce accidents
Contribute to reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries, even a small percentage
Risk reduction
Do not prevent fate and do not contribute, if only minimally reduce the risks that occur to people
No conditions Or restrictions
The program carries a simple and easy to use. Has no conditions or restrictions, suitable for all groups of society in general

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